Static Hair - Get Rid Of It

With very long hair, electrostatic can be a real burden. Your hair either sticks to everything, or really flees your head - creating those awful fly-aways. What do to? Well, there are several ways to help you.

Static can be very strong in wintertime. The reason for it is the dry air - with temperatures below freezing point, the air inside our homes gets very dry due to the heating. Get yourself one of those humidifiers, several models are available in the price range from like USD 25 up to quite some more bucks. They evaporate normal drain water, either by cooking small amounts of water, or by ultrasonic vapor mechanisms. There is no difference in the effect, except the ultrasonic types produce kind of a cold fog, and the cooking devices produce steam (careful here, don't touch the outcoming steam).

By using a humidifier, you get the air in your home back to normal humidity levels, and you will find that with increased humidity, the static will be reduced. For those of you with curly hair, your curls will get stronger with higher humidity.

If your hair is charged with static, brushing your hair is a nightmare. Static does more damage than anything, even with "static free" brushes. A solution is to rub a dryer softener sheet over the brush, and even down the wake of the hair, before brushing. It does wonders and cuts down of tangles!

Last tip: if you still have trouble with static, investigate on your hair care products. Some shampoos wash your hair so squeak clean, that all natural oils disappear - they protect your hair shaft, and prevent static, too. If you do not wish to change your products, use jojoba oil after washing to add the natural amount of oil to your hair.

If you can't seem to get rid of static, have a look at your wardrobe. Chemical fibers are apt to cause static - most important are viscose and polyester. Switching to natural (and electrically neutral) fibers like cotton, silk or wool also helps a lot in getting rid of static.

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