Shampoo Tips

1. Don't drown in shampoo. One sudsing with a quarter-size squeeze will be fine.
2. Don't vigorously rub braids or weaves but do rinse in cascades of water to clean.
3. Do wash more frequently if you have itching, flaking or dandruff. These conditions are not due to dryness.
4. Do thoroughly rinse out conditioner, or the residue will dirty your hair faster.
5. Don't wash hair more often than you need to. Contrary to advertising, hair types with a dry tendency (for example gray or African-American hair) may need washing only once a week.
6. Don't use the hottest setting on the hair dryer; use it over time, it's damaging.
7. Do allow hair sometimes to air-dry, then arrange it with your fingers. Use gels, mousses and lotions to calm it.
8. Don't brush wet hair. Use a wide-tooth comb, starting at the bottom, to ease out tangles.

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