Hair Etiquette For Men. Dealing with Floor Length Hair

If it's winter, and you're helping her put on a coat, you might help her by lifting her hair up gently, before she puts the coat on. Another way would be to gently wind her hair around her neck loosely like a scarf, and she puts her coat on over that. You don't want her to get her long hair caught under her coat, or have to sit on it.

If you are helping her into a car, you might help by gently picking her hair up and bringing it around to her front, so she can keep control of it. You don't want to shut her hair in the car door.

Be careful in crowds, because people will come right up and start touching her hair; if one of these people has a cigarette in their hand and they aren't paying attention ... you know what might happen. So you have to be more attentive when you are in a crowd.

If you are walking down stairs together, if her hair is kneel length or longer, you might want to walk behind her, as her hair might drag on the steps behind her, and someone might come up and inadvertently step on it... and that would be painful.

If you go dancing, you should put your arm under hair, not over it.

If you are buying any clothing for them, you might want to consider getting something that will enable her to wear her hair down... fabrics like rayon, satin, silks, anything that allows her hair to slide on the fabric and not catch. It will keep it from tangling when it is down, and is much more comfortable, and you will like the way it flows and swirls more easily against this kind of fabric.

The same goes for nightwear. It's best if she wears something like this if you plan on combing/brushing her hair... I'm really on a roll, and I'm going to tell you how to do this, as well.

First, you have to be very careful, women are very protective of their hair, the longer it is, the more careful they have to be.

If the hair is longer than mid-back, I would suggest you use a wide toothed comb instead of a hairbrush. Otherwise you might tangle it.

You could have her sitting in a chair without a back, and you could stand or kneel behind her to brush or comb it. Yo should put one hand on the top of her head to steady her head as you gently pull the comb through. You might use short strokes, not going all the way through to her nape at first. It will be easier to straighten her hair that way, Or you might even have her comb her hair out first.

Another way would be for her to bend her head forward and you comb or brush her hair starting at the nape and going forward from there. It pulls less on the scalp, and you're not combing the more tender areas of the temple.

Another way , if her hair wasn't too long, would be for her to be standing or sitting in a chair facing you, and you let her rest her forehead on your chest, and you can comb her hair that way. That might be the best.

If you decide to carry her off into the sunset, you should first bring her hair over her shoulder to her front, before you pick her up. Anything that causes her hair to get "caught" will really make her anxious.

Bed linens should be satin if she is wearing her hair down.

If she sees you treating her hair reverently, she will like you all the more, as she considers her hair a part of herself and you are honoring her when you do these things.

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