Curly hair

Curly hair can be very susceptable to frizzies. You can tame normal hair by a leave in conditioner, or something to that effect. But to my mind, the best way of keeping frizzies down is a light spritz of light hair spray, and when it get's dry, run your fingers through it. Not only does the hair spray hold nice zig-zag parts, but it also cozes the firzzies to stay down.
Curly hair becomes the curliest when it's wet. When your hair is only washed every other day, it's hard to keep those nice ringlettes perfect. One of the good ways of doing so is when it's wet, put it in nice curles that only loosen when brushed. I keep my hair down all day the first day, and in a "up condition" the second, or a braid.
Keeping curly hair can be a tough task. Sometimes you want them just to be straightened. I make my curles straight with a conair steam straitner. First, I dry my hair completely, and brush it with a boars bristled brush. I put my hair in a braid, and leave the braid over the night. When I wake up, the hair is wavy, but not in tick curles. I spray a little leave in conditioner, and when it dries, let the hair straitner go to work.
Washing hair is a real trip. First, it's long, then it's curly, then it tends to be dry. I use Aussie shampoo (it cleans really well) and panteene's freeze control. I keep the conditioner in for a couple of minutes before wash it out. While the hair has conditioner in it, I run my fingers, or a really wide toothed comb through it to get the tangels out. I don't brush it when I get out of the bath, and let it drip dry.

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