Age and gray hair

Gray hair represents the loss of pigmentation. It's wiry because it's sheathed in more cuticle than most hair. How good you look with gray hair is determined by its texture vis-a-vis the rest of your hair, plus how it goes with the tone of your skin and eyes. Graying hair is the start of a natural lightening process to which you should adapt the colors of your clothes and makeup. If you opt to go gray, sample a "blue" shampoo to inhibit yellowing. Try leave-in conditioners and moisturizers to soften coarseness. Consider having a professional add "lowlights" (streaking of your original color) to give shading to gray areas. Observe the pattern of graying (some heads gray all over, some acquire streaks, some gray grows in to frame the face) and have your stylist shape it to celebrate it. If you opt to color your hair, pick a tone one shade or two lighter than your original color. Going too light or too dark will make you look older. To test the look, try a semi-permanent solution that lasts 6 to 12 shampoos before going for lasting color.

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