Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2016

Trendy hairstyles for long hair 2016

Every woman aspires to create your own unique image. Well-groomed and well-trimmed hair will not only complement the selected image of a woman, but also talk about the features of her character. Mowing can accentuate cheekbones line, adjust the shape of the face, to draw attention to the eyes. At the heart of any hairstyle was hairstyle is.
In 2016, fashion will be long, slightly wavy hair. As always fashionable hairstyles 2016 are so diverse that every woman can easily choose your option (and sometimes more than one) to your liking.
Haircuts and styling in 2016 have a very large variety and allow every woman to reflect your personality and emphasize its image.
Girls with long hair - this is the eternal queen of the ball. style "boho" will also become fashionable for them. Once upon a time in the style of boho hairstyles were common among nomadic gypsies and hippies. Now this style again at the peak of popularity. Splayed, wavy, even disheveled hair that dry up without assistance - that's what a real bohemian, which will offer us a year Fire Monkey. Its main goal - to emphasize ease. Urgency Style Boho and dandy allows you to choose between subtle expressive waves and curls. Large curls give hair volume, and hair will look thick and lush.

Very interesting to look at Boho braids style.

With a little practice.

The fashion will include diverse hairstyles based on the "tail". This "pony tail", and his unusual variant - inverted chignon.

Returns also French Twist, but now he has more uninhibited and playful look. With this long hair, you will look like a frequenter of fashionable social events.

For girls with long hair hairstyle interesting variation would be asymmetrical bob style. Typically, this asymmetrical haircut makes the front or rear locks. However, asymmetrical bob strands in the middle are not truncated.

Unusual side parting - that is what has surprised us Trendy hairstyles for long hair in 2016, this style will look great with any long variations. It allows you to experiment with a large volume, which by means of clips can be moved to the side or to give free fall on the eyes. Parting is also preserved.

The hairstyles for long hair there are a variety of bangs.

Will remain in vogue spit complex patterns that are pleasing to the eye.

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