Classical Braid

One or two braids can be done in the manner described below.
If you want to braid your hair, the first thing you should do is thoroughly comb dry or slightly wet hair and comb it back. Part the hair to 3 equal locks: right, left and central.

Прическа для длинных волос «Классическая коса»

Take the right lock in the right hand, and the central lock in the left hand. Overlay the right lock with the central one.

Now the central lock becomes the right one. Take the braided locks in the right hand and the left lock in the left hand.

The left lock should be laid over the central one. Now take the left lock (the former left one) with your left hand.

And now put the right lock over the central one, then the left lock over the central. Braid the plait in such a way till it's needed. Fix the plait with a bow or hair pin.

If needed, you can braid a bow into the hair. To do so, the bow is fixed with the right and left lock.
To make two plaits, divide hair into 2 equal parts. To make it easier, pin the left lock back and start braiding the right lock.

When you finish the right plait, start the left one.

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