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One day your hair looks great, and the next you see it is a total disaster. This may be because you experience what is known as the bad hair day. Don't give up, you're not alone. Many women say that they have bad hair days several times a month. It's the euphemism for anytime something goes wrong and this is a true tribute to see how much hair matters to most of us. According to national studies women feel more confident when their hair looks good; more than half the women surveyed say that if their hair doesn't look right, than it affects their mood for the rest of the day.

Can anything be done to improve our hair? The professionals agree:
there is much that can be done, but how much control we have over our hair depends on several factors. Heredity is a key element here. All of us are born with a set count of hair follicles, and to regret, there's nothing we can do to change that count. The diameter of each strand (in other words, texture), the amount of wave, and the hair color are predetermined as well. Also specific changes that are genetically arranged must be counted - you produce more pigment as you get older. Pigment creation slows down during midlife and increases during adolescence. Hormonal changes can also change hair, making it thicker, denser or curlier. Genetics isn't the only thing that changes your hair- the environment can product an affect to it too. Sunlight, weather, and water minerals can add to your hair troubles.

Add to this the fact that most of us want to change what nature gave us. We attempt to make our hair into something it's not: If our hair is super curly, we can't wait to get it straight; if it's straight, all we crave is curl. Never mind what type of hair we have, we all want most what we don't have. We color, perm, relax, blow-dry, curl, brush, style, and spray our hair to try to get it the way we want it. Chemical treatments, constant heat styling, rough styling methods, and product buildup can take their toll on hair, making it dry and weak over time.

Hair care is usually annoying. When you comb your hair, you get stuck with knots. When you wash it, is doesn't feel good. It looks unhealthy. Just "bad hair days".

Take some time for your hair. Especially because it is long. Use some time during the weekend for your hair, and relax. Don't believe that wonderful hair can be achieved by any product within a few hours. It usually takes a couple of weeks before you really can see a difference.

It is important that you take time for hair care - men will certainly adore your look when your hair is in best shape, and you will enjoy the wonderful tresses yourself!
The hair care section provides you with information on how to care for long hair. It will be helpful for you ladies out there (or for you gentlemen, if you have long haired partners) to obtain nice hair. The base for all this is however that you have the type of hair that is suitable for being long. Not every women can wear her hair very long - many women with short hair should wear their hair long, but there are also many women who should get a hair cut soon, as they are really not the type for long hair.
If you wish for long hair, or just like to try it, I suggest to do so. It is hard to say which hair is good to be worn long, many factors play together to let a lady with long hair appear most pleasant. If you treat your hair well, there is however a high chance that it will suit you. Be encouraged!

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